Diptyque DP140 MKII review HFA

4 maart 2024


Even though I am very familiar with planar magnetic designs, the DP 140 MkII’s resolution, clarity and transparency took me by surprise. The Diptyque DP 140 MkII are moderately-sized for a full-range planar magnetic speaker and their clean lines and clever minimalistic construction make them visually inobtrusive. Yet, they are capable of full-strength bass output to well below 40Hz.

These speakers combine royal spaciousness with immense resolution and great focus. They perform in an engagingly upbeat, crystal-clear, and highly communicative manner but, paradoxically, despite their revealing nature, they always sound deliciously delicate, refined, intimate, and wholly unforced.

Every speaker is a compromise, offering a balance of virtues. The DP 140 MkII’s are remarkable in so many ways that it becomes hard to provide any criticism. But on balance, I’d say their only flaws are that they do not excel at offering edge-of-seat excitement and do not have the kind of midbass punch that you get with dynamic speakers. But most really visceral and impactful speakers do not sound as intimate, resolving, refined and transparent as these Diptyques, especially not at low listening levels.

With that in mind, if you are looking for speakers that approach state-of-the-art headphone performance and work in almost any room, the DP 140 MkII’s are highly recommended!

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