Melco N1-S38 Review

6 november 2023

Review Melco N1-S38

Every well-known track I have played via the N1-S38 sounded cleaner, more natural and with significantly improved timing than via my older Melco unit. A highlight for me is the extra realism and intimacy the N1-S38 brings to vocals and the enhanced musical expression, particularly from instrumental solos. I have experienced more of those ‘goosebump’ moments whilst listening to my system with the N1 at the helm than ever before. People often refer to their DACs as being their system’s front end. Whilst a great DAC will strongly influence a system’s tonal quality and general presentation, a low-noise digital transport, such as the N1-S38, has a more fundamental effect on how the music is portrayed. It is a significant investment with a price tag of neigh on £12k, but I would make it without hesitation if funds allowed. I cannot imagine a better-sounding digital transport than the Melco N1-S38.  


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